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To the max

They push their bodies — and their minds — to extremes. Mike Safe asks four adrenalin junkies what they’re thinking.

Garth Miller, age 32

Australia’s leading rock climber, Miller was born in Bowral, NSW, and forged an international reputation completing hazardous climbs in Europe and the US. He now lives with his partner and two children in the Blue Mountains, where he runs a climbing consultancy

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Australian Climbing Association – link

Australian Climbing Association


The Australian Climbing Association Queensland Inc. is the representative body for climbing in Queensland. It is a group made by climbers and working for climbers. We’re an incorporated not-for-profit body whose formal goals are:

  • To work with land managers to promote and support climbing and to help develop climbing related policy and regulations.
  • To be the pre-eminent representative body for climbing in Queensland.
  • To work with climbers to form and maintain a strong climbing community and to support the transition into climbing for new climbers.

The ACAQ is committed to a transparent and inclusive structure which aims to incorporate the entire spectrum of the climbing community.


We provide a central point where climbers can share information, organise ourselves and communicate within the climbing community and also externally to the general public, government bodies, media organisation, businesses and other interested parties. We help to promote the sport and function as a representative body in dealing with various land managers and government bodies on issues such as park management plans and in seeking to proactively manage access issues.

Our activities are effectively split two ways, firstly bottom-up relationship building with land managers ‘at the coal face’ in climbing areas through working bees, regular consultation and proactive community self-management. Secondly through a top-down approach of liaising directly with senior policy, administrative and management staff to assist them in understanding the climbing community and to develop mutually-beneficial and sustainable management strategies.


The Australian Climbing Association Queensland Inc. aims to represent climbers across the entire state. Both through cooperation with policy makers writing state-wide policy and through working directly on local issues whether they’re in Girraween, Townsville or the middle of Brisbane. The ACAQ believes in the value of interstate cooperation between representative bodies for climbers and maintains the medium to long-term goal of establishing an effective national structure to formalise the collaboration between States, particularly with regards to a coordinated response to access issues.


The ACAQ has three General Meetings (Spring, Summer & Autumn) and one Annual General Meeting (Winter) each year. Working bees and other events are organised periodically with details available on this website and promoted elsewhere, check the ACAQ calendar to see what is coming up. You can contact the ACAQ outside of meeting times by emailing or by mail at PO box 12211, Brisbane, Qld, 4003.


As time has progressed, the number of ‘access issues’ affecting climbing has progressively increased. Due to the lack of an effective representative voice the Queensland climbing community has lost access to a number of climbing areas and faced the prospect of losing even more. One of the key contributors identified by land managers was the inability to effective communicate with the climbing community as a collective group. Through the establishment of a representative body we can assist land managers to understand the climbing communities position, communicate the land managers concerns to the community and then develop and implement management strategies which are mutually acceptable and beneficial.