Solid State drives

Now about Solid State drives:

In the market for a SSD replacement of your mechanical hard drive? Are you tired of synthetic benchmarks and holy wars in SSD forums? I’ve got some pure numbers here for the most popular models: Samsung 830, OCZ Vertex 4, Crucial M4 and the new Samsung 840 Pro, all tested under Mac OS X 10.8.2 with Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

The Samsung 840 Pro 512Gb version of SSD drives is even faster than the others and if you need more speed, you can achieve it by striping the SSDs together in a RAID0 setup. Still not enough? Add more SSDs and don’t forget about the backups, I’ve heard that RAID0s tend to fail often. :-)

A bonus benchmark: 4 x Samsung 840 Pro 512Gb $504.15 in a 2Tb RAID0 32Kb stripe:


Yeah, I know, this one is clearly an overkill… Unless you are dealing with 2K and higher resolution video capture and editing ;)