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Social media allows you to “crowd source” your link building.

When you have a following on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, you create a team of fans who can share your content. That’s what social media is all about, folks — being social! (Imagine that.) So when you write a new blog post on your business blog, you can take that content and share it on Twitter and then get some of your followers to share your content. You can also get your website visitors to share pages of your site and your blog on social media by adding simple social buttons to allow people to quickly and easily “vote” for your content right there on your website. Sure, many of these people will never become your actual customers, but that’s not your objective here. Your objective is to build buzz and attention around your website.

Great blog articles can drive allot of traffic to your website too.

Use our thousands of PLR Articles, written by professional writers, to link to your website.

PLR Articles


NOT ALL PLR is the same! Our PLR Articles are the best!

Limited distribution is a huge advantage to Visual Recruit customers, because PLR Articles from us have NOT been over saturated and sold and RESOLD into oblivion like most of the garbage PLR Articles other people are selling!

Those other guys don’t put limits on how many are sold AND get this – they even allow other people to resell them which means their articles are WORTHLESS because so many people have them.

Our articles are better!

Visual Recruit limits distribution so you get more power from using our articles!

Our thousands of articles are limited to no more than 350 websites and CAN NOT be resold in cheap PLR packages like all the other guys do. Each website will have quite a few articles dedicated to them.

If you use the Visual Recruit PLR Articles system via our blogs that we set up for you, you get exclusive rights to use them on your sites and those of your clients – the articles are NOT used and abused like the other PLR Articles out there!

Why use our blogs to point to your website?

1. Exact Keyword PLR Articles – the ONLY articles available that are actually optimized for keyword phrases that can easily rank on top!
2. Announcement Blogs – text links help get your article pages indexed fast and help you gain relevance to rank on top with ease!
3. Keyword Research – our keyword research is the best and helps you discover secret keywords that rank so much easier with higher profitability!

What are we talking about? Read the details here

We use our Basic Unit (BU) blogs to your advantage:


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